Pretty bad, pretty slow but just give me a few weeks and I will be back to normal. Major mistakes on all songs. For the songs, I split the 1+ hour video into their individual sections. This was the first time I have seen my feet in action. I think my left foot was river dancing on Painkiller! Download for better play results.

Webclip.mpg 6.10MB 7/2006

Webclip2.mpg 4.41MB 7/2006

Webclip3.mpg12.8MB 7/2006

Natural Science.mp4 244MB 9/2021

Subdivisions.mp4 213MB 9/2021

Caught in a Web.mp4 246MB 9/2021

Pull Me Under.mp4 332MB 9/2021

Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper.mp4 357MB 9/2021

Welcome to the Family.mp4 167MB 9/2021

Nightmare.mp4 225MB 9/20216

All Guns Blazing.mp4 175MB 9/2021

Night Crawler.mp4 205MB 9/2021

Painkiller.mp4 259MB 9/2021